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August 2018 price change announced

July 20, 2018

To Our Valued Customers:

At the close of business Monday, August 20, 2018 we will implement list price changes on various product groupings in response to manufacturers increasing prices. Most of these manufacturers have already raised their prices in the market.

Manufacturers continue to express the same reasons for their price increases. Raw material shortages (silicone and PTFE), packaging, transportation and overhead are all contributing to their need for higher prices.

The U.S Department of Commerce’s imposition of 25% tariffs on certain goods from China effective July 6 and new, proposed lists of 25% and 10% tariffs will drive prices as these goods are taken into inventory. There will be little, if any, notice as these tariffs take effect.

The new list prices will be available on our website at http://www.americangranby.com/ by Monday, August 13, 2018.   Changes will be indicated in bold type. Catalog pages with list pricing can be viewed and downloaded for printing to update your AGI catalog. Excel files are also available for download on the site. We will not be mailing a hard-copy price change mailing.If you do not have access to our website, please contact your sales representative or Customer Service and we will forward you a copy of the Excel spreadsheet or the new catalog pages.


Show Schedule

American Granby participates as an exhibitor at the following annual industry trade shows. We hope to see you there!


January 2019
Atlantic City, NJ


February 2019
Orlando, FL


March  2019
Marlborough, MA


May  2019
Orlando, FL


July 2018
Myrtle Beach, SC


December 4-6, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

Prepaid Freight Level

Effective April 2010 our freight prepaid minimum is $1300 to all of the Continental United States.

Effective August 29, 2013 please note “Additional Freight Charges” apply to the Freight section of our Terms and Conditions.  This new freight charge now covers any special delivery circumstance that includes but is not limited to, residential delivery, remote area delivery and lift gate service.  

No Lead Federal Regulation update

Effective January 1, 2014, the new Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (S.3874) took effect.  This Federal lead law redefines the words “Lead Free”. As of this date the U.S. will adopt the current California, Vermont, Maryland and Louisiana (as of 2013) standard for maximum lead content in a plumbing fixture in contact with water used for human consumption.  The new law will limit the content of lead in these plumbing fixtures to a weighted average lead content of less than 0.25%.

We will continue to make available leaded brass and bronze products for sale to select markets (Turf Irrigation and Swimming Pool and Spa except in California) only for applications that are not used with water for human consumption. We will discontinue brass and bronze leaded products whose sales do not warrant us maintaining an inventory.

American Granby will not accept returns of any leaded products. Due to the size and scope of the potential leaded product that could be left in the inventories of thousands of customers in the remaining 46 states that will have to comply with this new law, returns of these products will not be reasonably workable.

The AGI website has complete listings of No Lead products. For your reference we have attached a listing of the four NO LEAD symbols and explanations we are using to designate NO LEAD?products in our catalog. If you have any questions about this conversion please feel free to contact your AGI sales representative or your Customer Service representative.

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