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American Granby is the Original Source of Vendor ConsolidationTM in the Pump & Well, Pool & Spa, Turf Irrigation and Plumbing & Heating industries.

We did
it first...and we still do it better!

American Granby uses IAPMO to third party certify our products to NSF/ANSI 372. 
The following link will take you to the IAPMO website listing of our certified products.   

Please browse through our product categories at left for more details on our offering or view our newest product introductions below.

WTC6 and WTC6L Harvard Watertight Well CapsWTC6 and WTC6L Harvard Watertight Well Caps

Harvard WTC6/WTC6L ABS Watertight Well Caps are now available.  These caps are for 6” well casings.  The WTC6L locking design is the same concept used by other manufacturers to secure their locking well caps. An interlocking nose mechanism with a rear set screw to affix to the well casing before hiding access to the set screw with a padlock.  

The Harvard WTC6 and WTC6L are certified and listed to Water Systems Council PAS-97 (2019) and ASSE Standard 1093-2019. They are also certified and listed by IAPMO to the ANSI/NSF 372 Low Lead Federal standard.

304 Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings304 Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings

Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings and Merchant Couplings are now in stock and available from American Granby.  These light pattern 304 grade stainless steel fittings are ISO 4144 standard and certified IAPMO to ANSI/NSF372 low lead standards.  
Cold Expansion ValvesCold Expansion Valves

Our offering now includes F1960 Cold Expansion end valves.  These NL brass ball valves and chrome plated supply valves are designed to be used with F1960 cold expansion connection tubing like our CB Vipert tubing line. Both series of valves are certified to ANSI/NSF372 low lead standard.
Cold Expansion Fittings and RingsCold Expansion Fittings and Rings

F1960 Cold Expansion Fittings and Rings are now available.  For use with ASTM F1960 certified cold expansion PEX and PERT tubing using the PEX rings as the sealing mechanism.  Poly alloy fittings are black and made from PPSU, the NL Brass fittings are made from no lead brass alloy and are certified to ANSI/NSF 372.
VIPERT Potable and Radiant TubingVIPERT Potable and Radiant Tubing

Introducing VIPERT Potable and Radiant OXY Barrier tubing.    Potable tubing is available in red, white and blue.  Radiant tubing is offered in green.  VIPERT brand tubing provides increased flexibility over traditional pex and radiant tubing.  VIPERT also has a higher burst strength and are recyclable.  These new options of potable and radiant tubing are now in stock and ready to ship. 
Harvard No Lead Brass Push FittingsHarvard No Lead Brass Push Fittings

Harvard introduces NO LEAD BRASS Push Fittings.  These one-piece, forged, NL Brass body fittings are certified to ANSI/NSF 372 low lead standards.  The competitively priced line of push fittings are now available in a wide array of configurations and sizes.  
Harvard Master Contractor Extra High Density PTFE TapeHarvard Master Contractor Extra High Density PTFE Tape

Harvard Master Contractor Extra High Density PTFE tape is a line of professional contractor grade PTFE tape.  Available in 1/2" and 3/4" widths and 260", 520" and 1429" lengths. For use on virtually any pipe thread material with no additional thread paste needed.   It is white tape packaged in a blue reel for easy identification and packed in a counter display carton.   
Harvard Master Contractor PTFE Tape for Stainless Steel ThreadsHarvard Master Contractor PTFE Tape for Stainless Steel Threads

Our Harvard Master Contractor Imported PTFE Thread Seal Tape is now available in versions applicable for sealing stainless steel threads.  The HTST-SS tape higher in PTFE density and much thicker than our current HTST tape.  It has ground nickel impregnated in the material to help keep stainless steel threads from galling and seizing during installation for a more effective thread seal.

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